Voyage-Marché is a Specialty Food Importer, dedicated to sourcing unique foods from the world.

Voyage-Marché is also our brand for products.

Created in 2014.
Part of the Jurakan International Food Group.


Current Product Portfolio Features a Variety of Curated Specialty Products


  • Established in 1875, Bebe is Spain’s oldest fruit preserve brand and part of the Helios Group. Brand new design featuring a fresh fruit taste formulation available in a variety of flavors.

  • Apricot Preserve (13 oz)

  • Blueberry Preserve (13 oz)

  • Cherry Preserve (13 oz)

  • Mixed Berries Preserve (13 oz)

  • Raspberry Preserve (13 oz)

  • Strawberry Preserve (13 oz )


  • Today EL BREZAL is a registered brand that is renowned in Spain and the countries of the European Union as well as in countries such as the USA, Japan, China and Hong Kong, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates to name a few.

  • Eucalyptus Honey Squeezer (12.3 oz)

  • Orange Blossom Honey Squeezer (12.3 oz)

  • Wildflower Honey Squeezer (12.3 oz)

  • Wildflower Honey Beehive Jar (17.6 oz)

  • Wildflower Honey Beehive Jar (35 oz)

  • Spanish Bee Pollen (3.88 oz)


  • Providing an Extra Virgin Oil to the with the same qualities that made General Cartaginés cross the Alps with his elephants threatening an entire empire. Winners of national and international awards which accredit the quality and attributes of our oils.

  • Arbequina (17 oz)

  • Hojiblanca (17 oz)

  • Eco / Organic / Bio (17 oz)

  • Picual (17oz)


  • In the future lie new sales opportunities all over the world. While a strong, stable presence in the most important countries in Europe has been obtained, the exploration of new markets in Asia and in the Americas is a chance of gaining further entrepreneurial and commercial achievements, and to make good, Italian wines known all over the world.

  • Red "PAVONE“ (750 ml)

  • White "PAVONE“ (750 ml)


  • We create our chocolates in a small workshop in Alcala de Henares, Madrid, Spain, from Trinitario cocoa from the Dominican Republic and sugar cane. Our philosophy is to enjoy our work, creating cutting-edge chocolates from 100% natural raw materials and to offer our customers a healthy, natural and unique.

  • 36% Milk Chocolate Vanilla from Madagascar (2.46 oz)

  • 36% Milk Chocolate with Almonds and Honey (2.46 oz)

  • 70% Dark Chocolate Blossom Sea Salt (2.46 oz)

  • Sao Tome Principe 80% Dark Chocolate (1.76 oz)

  • 70% Dark Chocolate (2.46 oz)

  • Single Origin Peru San Martin 65% Dark Chocolate (1.76 oz)

  • Peru San Martin 35% Milk Chocolate with Caramel (1.76 oz)

  • Madagascar Antsiranana 65% Dark Chocolate (1.76 oz)


  • Innocence and happiness from when you are small. We do not forget the importance of enjoying spontaneity, happiness and of the fullness of life. Our childhood, very present! We celebrate everyday life, family moments and breakfast as the best time of day for start the routine with energy and good humor.

  • No Artificial Flavors or Colors, Non-GMO, Vegan, Vegetarian. Dulcesol is a family-owned company founded in the 1950s making authentic local cakes and selling these culturally significant delicacies to small shops and bakeries. Dulcesol represents not only a commitment to continue the production of incredible products in a traditional way but also to innovate and share the taste of the Mediterranean. Delectable Mediterranean bread rolls that pair perfectly with cheese, charcuterie, or hors-d'oeuvres, making them the ideal addition for any entertainment platter. The best finishing touch for a delicious meal. Fast and easy snack.

  • With Garlic & Parsley (5.64 oz)

  • With Tomato & Oregano (5.64 oz)


  • We source, select, and blend the highest quality spices in small batches. Embracing culinary curiosity and adventure, we bring inspiration and elevation to weeknight dinners, world-renowned restaurants, and every kitchen in-between.

  • Aglio Olio Peperoncino (150g)

  • Chimichurri (150g)

  • Lamb Rub (150g)

  • Sriracha Honey Hot Chili (150g)

  • Steak Seasoning (150g)

  • Rib Rub (150g)

  • Roasted Coconut Kerala Curry (150g)

  • Pizza Seasoning (150g)

  • Vadouvan French Curry (150g)


  • Favols’s specific cooking process at low temperature under vacuum allows the preservation of the organoleptic fruit characteristics avoiding the caramelization of sugars and preserving fruit’ natural taste and colors. Thanks to its continuous efforts, FAVOLS is IFS* certified since 2010. (International Featured Standard - Food). In 2017, Favols earned the Bio enterprise durable and Entrepreneurs + engages labels, in recognition of all its efforts to be a responsible company operating as respectfully as possible.

  • Apricot

  • Blueberry

  • Cherry

  • Fig

  • Strawberry

  • Orange


  • Serrano Pork Shoulder (57g)

  • Tapas Entertainment Four Pack (115g)

  • Gourmet Charcuterie Sampler (115g)

  • Iberico Chorizo (200g)

  • Salchichon Iberico (200g)

  • Iberico Pork Grain-Fed Ham (57g)

  • Iberico Pork Chorizo (57g)

  • Sliced 50% Iberico Loin (57g)

  • Iberico Pork Salchichon (57g)


  • Fish Soup (16 oz)

  • Lobster Bisque with Kari Goose (16 oz)

  • Crab Rillettes (3.5 oz)

  • Indian Tuna Rillettes (3.5 oz)

  • Lobster Rillettes (3.5 oz)

  • Scallop Rillettes (3.5 oz)

  • Salmon Rillettes (3.5 oz)

  • Sardine Rillettes (3.5 oz)

  • Seaweed Tartar Rillettes (3.5 oz)

  • My Lobster Oil

  • Sardines with Lobster Oil (4 oz)

  • Sardines with Seaweed Oil (4 oz)


  • Established in 1901, Helios is the leading jam maker in Spain.

  • All product lines are made with 60% fruits and natural ingredients.

  • Diverse product lines of Natural, and Organic available in 6 fruit varieties.

  • English language packaging featuring FDA compliant nutritional labels & guidelines.


  • An old Italian herbal recipe with beneficial health caring properties, tasty by nature, all made with quality honey.

  • FABBRI Black Cherry (2.65 oz)

  • FABBRI Fresh Mint (2.65 oz)

  • Honey Drop Cranberry (3.5 oz)

  • Honey Drop Lemon Ginger (2.65 oz)

  • Honey Drop Mentho Eucalyptus (2.65 oz)

  • Honey Drop Orange Mint (3.5 oz)


  • Since its creation, the biscuits La Mère Poulard is at the forefront of respect for the French standards in terms of the environment, the use of fresh and quality products for the elaboration of its products, as well as the working conditions of our teammates and partners (FTE). Our factory in Saint-Etienne in Coglès, Brittany, is certified by the IFS (International Food Safety). Our products are made with pure butter and outdoor eggs, with all natural aromas and dyes. They contain neither preservatives nor palm oil.

  • Le Sable Butter (4.41 oz)

  • Le Sable Butter Chocolate Chip (4.41 oz)

  • Le Sable Butter Caramel (4.41 oz)

  • Caramel Cookies (14 oz)

  • Pure Butter Cookies(14 oz)

  • French Lemon Shortbread Cookies (14 oz)

  • Large Pure Butter Cookies(14 oz)

  • Cookies Choc Chips (14 oz)

  • Sables Chocolate (14 oz)


  • Our wide selection and the quality of our products make us one of the market leading brands. Our aim is to carry on working, offering our clients new and tasty ways to enjoy our favorite thing: pulses.

  • Butter Beans (20.1 oz)

  • Canellini Beans (20.1 oz)

  • Canellini Beans & Wild Mushrooms (20.1 oz)

  • Chickpeas with Peas & Carrots (20.1 oz)

  • Dark Red Kidney Beans (20.1 oz)

  • Garbanzo Beans (20.1 oz)


  • Mentolin are soothing sweets perfectly blending their flavor with a hint of menthol. A full assortment of flavors and packs to suit all tastes. Mentolin’s wild mint helps give you a breather during the challenges of daily life. Mentolin has position itself as the sweet that helps give you a breather during the challenges of daily life. When you need to recharge... Mentolin.

  • Eucalyptus (0.7 oz)

  • Strawberry and Mint (0.7 oz)

  • Lemon Balm (0.7 oz)

  • Honey and Mint (0.7 oz)

  • Peppermint (0.7 oz)

  • Watermelon and Mint (0.7 oz)


  • YOU ASK, WHY GLUTEN FREE? At the heart of Milola is the desire to live a full, delicious life. It’s about friends, family, neighbors — even strangers! The good times that occur around a table, with family and friends, are, without a doubt, the true essence of life. Flours we use include: Sorghum /  Teff  / Millet /   Rice  / Buckwheat / Quinoa / Almond / Hazelnut  / Linseed / Psyllium.

  • Double Chocolate & Banana Cookie (4.9 oz)

  • Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Cookie (4.9 oz)

  • Spiced Carrot Cookie (4.9 oz)

  • Orange, Almond Cookie (4.9 oz)

  • Lemon & Chia Cookie (4.9 oz)

  • Raspberry Lime & Oat Cookie (4.9 oz)


  • From Espadafor, founded 114 years ago in Granada, Spain. One of Europe’s leading companies producing non-alcoholic drinks. Fresh non-alcoholic sangria made with the best fruits. In this sangria we find lemon, orange, peach, apple, and cinnamon.

  • Sparkling Cava Sangria (25.36 oz)

  • Sparkling Red Sangria (25.36 oz)


  • The Salgado family, is a family business that has been developing and selling olive oils since 1875. The RS-Rafael Salgado Brand sells more than 14 million kilos of olive oil per year. It specializes in quality oils for the Hospitality sector and the export of olive oil to more than 125 countries.

  • Cold Pressed EVOO (17 oz)

  • Glass Bottle EVOO (17 oz)


  • Legend has it that is was goats that first uncovered the path to the Sel Des Alpes, via saltwater spring over 500 years ago. Ever since, they have gone deep underground in Switzerland’s last working salt mine every day to produce one of the purest salts in the world for you.

  • Gourmet Fine Salt (25 oz)

  • Gourment Salt (3 oz)

  • Gourment Salt Metal (4.5 oz)


  • We are a leading Alicante family business in the olive sector, with an important presence in both the domestic and international market. In 1926 Serpis became the first national brand to market olives stuffed with anchovy. Our facilities have 25,000 sq foot for manufacturing and storage, managed by a team of more than 100 professionals equipped with the most advanced technology.

  • Green Olives Stuffed with Blue Cheese (8.29 oz)

  • Green Olives Stuffed with Serrano Ham (8.29 oz)

  • Green Olives Stuffed with Spicy Chorizo (8.29 oz)


  • Founded in 1890, Serrats has been one of the most renowned and respected manufacturers in the art of canning seafood. Hand-packed in glass or cans with Spanish Olive Oil to preserve the flavor and quality of this Bonito del Norte Wild-Caught Tuna.

  • Ventresca Fillets in Olive Oil (4 oz)

  • Bonito Del Norte in Olive Oil (4 oz)

  • Bonito Del Norte Tuna Belly in Olive Oil (4 oz)

  • Bonito Del Norte Tuna in Olive Oil (6.7 oz)

  • Bonito Del Norte Tuna with Piquillo Pepper (4.4 oz)

  • Yellowfin Tuna in Olive Oil (6.7 oz)

  • Mussels in Pickled Sauce (3.88 oz)

  • Small Sardines (4 oz)


  • We proudly introduce the line of stuffed olives STELLA OLIVA, a great start to any meal. Produced for over 91 years by the most recognized oliviers in the Spanish olive sector.

  • Olives Stuffed With Blue Cheese (8.29 oz)

  • Olives Stuffed With Jalapeño (8.29 oz)

  • Olives Stuffed With Lemon (8.29 oz)

  • Olives Stuffed With Red Pepper (8.29 oz)


  • Our own brand of personally sourced unique food products.

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Non-Alcholic Proseco

Trinitario Cocoa from the Dominican Republic

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Honeydrop Candy

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